• Plastic Pollution is Making Polar Bears Grow Two Sets of Testicles!

    How Plastic Pollution is affecting our hormones and the bears hormones too!! “We're drowning the planet in plastic pollution, and polar bears are one of the few animals that have ever had any luck swaying popular opinion toward action on environmental issues." [Meghan Bartels] British politician ...
  • On a Mission to make every period a ‘Plastic Free Period’

    We have one home and one big blue, our planet earth, that is steadily choking on plastics and we have a small window of opportunity to make big changes. Let's all choose Plastic Free.
  • Supporting Environmenstural week - Oct 19th

    Supporting Environmenstural week with WEN - Oct 19th Bringing awareness to environmentally friendly period products is of course, top of our agenda at LUX. It’s why our amazing founder Preeti started the company. Since our launch in 2018, we’ve championed many a campaign to raise awareness of pla...
  • Mental Health Awareness Week – MAY 18th

    May 18th to May 24th is Mental Health Awareness Week and this year it’s very special – why? Because the main topic is kindness and I think we all need a bit of love and kindness just now. Don’t forget that kindness needs to be self-care too!