Our Mission

Oh Hey! At LUX we're here to serve.

Premium grade organic period products are our thing. We are invested in them, because: 

  • We want you - our consumer, to have healthier periods
  • We want to do our collective bit to protect the planet
  • We are on a mission to make all periods plastic free

to serve..

Speaking of health, leading market brands forget to publish the ingredients in their period products - be it pads, tampons or liners. 

When you buy 'rice flour' , the pack tells you its rice flour. Coffee cup lids - caution you that the contents are hot. Too much info? Actually, not. The  information they provide allows you to make choices. To purchase or not purchase. To leave a hot cup of coffee on the dashboard as you drive - or not!
An informed consumer therefore makes the choice best for them. When it comes to period pads, there is a choice too.
Should you or should you not use plastic products when you have your periods?
If we told you that using plastic period products, over time could possibly, really upset your hormonal balance, cause painful periods, bloating, acne, bad skin, fertility issues, to name a few, would you still want to use them?
If you thought, no, well phew! Neither do we.
But how would you tell the difference, if the ingredients aren't published on the packs of all mainstream products?
Here's the good news. At LUX we publish all our ingredients on our packs. Why? Well because, to us, you matter, PERIOD!
LUX products (Pads, Underwear) are: Made from 100% organic, bio-degradable, hypo allergenic cotton which is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and by the Institute of Ethical & Environmental Certification (ICEA). Free from plastics, pesticides, rayon, perfumes and other chemicals.

This means that LUX exists, so women can enjoy healthier periods. And now, you CAN make the right choice!



to Save...

Oh yes, the other good bit. Our planet is our home and really no matter what Elon Musk says, our ONLY home. Doing our bit to take care of it, is important. But what if you don't want to miss school every Friday to protest this matter? What if you can't be part of a climate change rebellion. Well hey! There is an easier way to be part of the revolution.
When you use LUX Period Products you can rest assured you are using products that fully biodegrade when disposed.  That means they will break down, never to be seen again. Why does this matter? Mainstream plastic period products,  will linger around in the ocean,  (likely choking a turtle or giving a baby seahorse a scare) for over 800 years.  That's a warrantee that even the chaps at Patek Phillipe, who stop at 700 years, can't beat.
Buy LUX instead. Our products will biodegrade even in salt water. Although we really hope you will dispose our products in the bin once you have used them. Flushing is never good.  Don't scare a baby seahorse. Buy LUX.



to sustain...

At LUXStore we want to ensure that our products are always made to a high quality and are available to our customers well into the future.
How we do it, is by ensuring organic farming, free from pesticides. Growing our crops in rotations, so that the soil we grow our cotton in, has a chance to replenish itself. We provide fair wages to our labour and create a supply chain that's ethical.
All this means, we can carry on being in business for a long long long time, without any detrimental impact to our planet. We tell you this because leading period products are made from plastic polymers. Plastic is a by product of industries drilling for petrol and oil. This act is causing our planet to heat up so fast, she's practically sweating. 
Stop our planet from sweating, buy LUX.