Plastic Pollution Coalition

Plastic is a substance; the earth cannot digest. You can play your part by reducing the scale of plastic pollution by refusing single use plastic.

When women use period products, they often don’t realise they are in fact using single use plastic. Market leading period product manufacturers, make their Chinese products using plastic, which they assure us is cheap. But the real cost of these products to the planet is very expensive indeed.

Period pollution is a phrase that has been coined to reflect the impact from just period products alone. Statistics reflect that for every kilometre of British beach front circa 23 period products (pads and tampons are found discarded), where these products will remain for over 800 years, polluting the land and the oceans.

That is why through our products, which are biodegradable and made from organic cotton, we are looking to make a difference. Ironically, no legacy from our products (read: waste), will be our lasting legacy.

At LUX, we are a part of a worldwide coalition of 1200 organisations, fighting the battle against single use plastic. Together, we are the PLASTIC POLLUTION COALITION.

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