Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads - Night

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The LUXStore Organic Sanitary Pads for night use come in a pack of 10 extra long pads.

Naturally absorbent, soft, extra long, winged and comfortable sanitary pads that will keep help you get a restful night's sleep.

LUXStore's sanitary pads are made with organic, breathable GOTS cotton.

Includes wings for a secure fit to underwear. No fragrance, bleach, deodorants.

LUXStore's cotton sanitary pads are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

Free from any plastics too!

Our sanitary pads additionally are:

  • Biodegradable, on land, in sea water, in fresh water, ergo very eco-friendly
  • Super soft and hypoallergenic, so no more itches down below
  • Ultra thin and super flexible
  • Created with channels, so your flow is evenly distributed throughout the pad, leaving you feeling dry

The cotton sanitary pads we make are also:

  • Made from GOTS certified organic cotton, say bye-bye to any chemical contamination
  • Made with wings and have great adhesion, so it will move as you move and give you great protection while you stay active
  • Guaranteed free from, pesticides, rayon, synthetic polymers, perfumes and other chemicals, so come on and give us a try!
  • Recyclable


..why there is so much emphasis placed on an organic cotton sanitary pad, when practically everything you have bought previously was also made from cotton, even if they weren't organic.

We will start with the term: NATURAL COTTON

Natural cotton is a term that is intended to give you a false assurance. Cotton is natural - in that it is a plant.  Looking behind the label, this means that the cotton is not organic, which indicates that it has been sprayed with pesticides and likely bleached with chemicals. 

When you use sanitary pads made from natural cotton, the risk of your being exposed to harmful pesticides and chemicals is very high. 


Here is something else you are mistaken about. Did you know that 95% of most mainstream pads you purchase off supermarket shelves are made of plastic (and plastic polymers).

In plain speak, you are essentially using single use sanitary pads, which will remain choking the planet for 800 years after you have finished using them ergo: period pollution.

They are certainly bad for the environment, but what plastic sanitary pads do to your health is even worse. 

SANITARY PADS made from PLASTIC & your hormonal health:

Research shows that when you use plastic sanitary pads, they adversely impact the amount of oestrogen (a crucial female hormone, produced by our ovaries) in your bloodstream.

Now, brace yourself, but oestrogen either directly controls or supports the following functions in the female body:

  1. periods, the level of discomfort and bloating during periods,
  2. skin sensitivities: how plump or limp they feel, acne, 
  3. your sense of wellbeing
  4. metabolism including but not limited to your size, your digestion, your excretion,
  5. upto 4 hormones your brain produces to control your fine motor and motor skills. 

When OESTROGEN goes askew:

Oestrogen is kept at a fine balance by two other hormones progestrone and testosterone. Even the slightest imbalance in oestrogen therefore serves to upset the applecart.

Which in the short term translates to tough periods, bloating, acne, heavy bleeds;  in the medium term endometriosis, adenomyosis, infertility issues and in the long term potentially leading to feminine cancers such as breast or ovarian cancers.


I will make a note here: there is no direct research connecting the use of sanitary pads to cancer or infertility nor will there ever be.

In the same way for over a century there was no direct research establishing a connection between smoking of cigarettes and lung cancer. However with the passage of time it was found that an increasing number of our population started suffering from lung cancers.

In our current times infertility is the third most prevalent illness in the world after cardiovascular disease and cancer. So its very speaking of women's exposure to environmental toxins, such as plastic sanitary pads.

You drink water from plastic bottles, write with plastic pens, so why does why does using a plastic sanitary pad make so much of a difference?

Well quite simply where you use something matters. A woman's vaginal mucosa is capable of absorbing 10 X more than any other organ in the female body. So any and all the toxins stand to be absorbed way faster when used as a sanitary pad, as opposed to a band aid for example. Food for thought?! We sure hope so. 



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