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Hello again ladies from Preeti at LuxStore.

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A scant four days remain for our website to go-live and we are busy at work fashioning a look that we believe will best represent us and our enthusiasm to serve you – our customers.

It’s been a thoroughly interesting experience setting up this business and learning of its component parts. Every stage has come with its pitfalls. But elevating us through it all has been a deep seated spirit to persevere.

A lot of you are students, so I thought I would take the opportunity to tell you a short story about how I came to learn this word ‘perseverance’ and how telling stories has changed my life for the better.

I was nine years old and a pupil at a new school. My parents had recently relocated to New Delhi, India and it was unfamiliar terrain. I only spoke English and did not speak the more commonly spoken language of communication amongst my classmates, Hindi. I knew nobody in class and I was at the wrong spectrum of blending in, I was practically invisible.

Summoning all my courage, I went up to my teacher and asked her politely what I might do to be able to make new friends, to make people aware that I am around and fun to be with. Well, Preeti she said, why don’t you start by telling them a story. Make it something they will remember and perhaps that will be your starting point.

I recall the next questions flooding out of me, of course I could tell them a story, where would I tell them that story, when I could tell them a story and how could I maximise the number of friends I made through this exercise.

Sensing my enthusiasm, my teacher sought to help me out. Cogitate over the word ‘PERSEVERANCE’, she said. I needed her help writing it down in the first instance. I had never encountered that word before, but she insisted that there were many wonderful achievements, and by extension many wonderful stories in the world that find perseverance at its very core. “You will find a story and perhaps a few friends too along the way”, were her parting words.

The stage was set for four weeks from that day, the venue would be the school assembly and I would deliver my speech (a story by another name) in English.
So the dictionary meaning of the word perseverance is as follows:
persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. and instantly I connected with it. To my young mind it meant, never giving up and to keep going no matter the odds.

And I thought of the only story I knew that related to never giving up. It was about Robert de Bruce and the spider. My father helped me cobble together a speech.
Bruce’s story is rather an interesting tale in itself, made more interesting by the fact that I was a young Indian pupil, narrating the tale of Robert de Bruce, King of Scots.

The day came, it was a crisp winter morning, I showed up to school prepared with my little story, filled with renewed hope. I stood upon the smallish podium and waited for someone to adjust the mic to my height. It was normally only 15 year olds that spoke at our assembly. I was bit of an upstart- in a nice way.

I had a wobbly beginning to my speech, but gained in spirit as I narrated my tale (again story by another name). Here are some excerpts of what I shared that day.

Robert de Bruce was also known as the ‘Good King Robert’ and he is revered for having returned peace and prosperity to Scotland. With the support of his kinsmen, who numbered no more than 5,000, he defeated the 20,000 strong English army, driving them out of Scotland.

But not before he had his own demons to overcome. Bruce has suffered six defeats at the hands of Edward I, the English Monarch. He lost his kingdom, his brother had been slain and his queen had been taken captive. He himself had been outlawed to remain on the remote and cold island of Rachrin. A man with a broken spirit, he couldn’t shake off his cloak of despair.

One cold day however he observed a tiny spider weaving a silvery web, attempting to swing itself onto an adjacent beam. The little creature tried valiantly but missed its target, again and again and again. Bruce noticed it had missed its target six times, the same number of times he had lost to Edward I and wondered what the spider would do next.

The spider swung again towards that beam and this time he made it.

It was all the morale boost Bruce needed, to summon his courage and set his mind to the goal of defeating his enemies. And so he did, it took him a further eight years and he kept at it, until he had achieved his goal, defeating the English at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

I think I might have had somewhat of a dramatic moment as I concluded urging the gathered pupils to always persevere.

I received a moderate applause, how disappointing, I thought. Most of those who attended, I was to learn later, didn’t quite understand me. But the few that did, became my friends that day. That moderate applause was enough to spur me onto telling more stories, especially if it meant I could make more friends.

Upon reflection, the one person I think my teacher sought to impress on the most that day was perhaps me. She gave me the gift of perseverance that day. The word had never held more meaning in our life, than it does today.

My husband and I sought to change the world, no mean feat, you would all agree. We work full time and it was going to be hard work to stop complaining and do something that would genuinely enable us to create a positive legacy.

LUXStore is a product of that perseverance to change the world for the better, one pad at a time, one woman at a time, one period at a time. We have faced our share of setbacks, as is often the case with micro-brands that have macro- ambitions.  But we persevere, we listen, we learn, we pick ourselves and move forward; like that little spider and like Bruce, the King of Scots.

So whatever your setback ladies, have a little faith, believe in yourselves and persevere. Success is just round the corner, whispering, waiting for you to come claim it as your own.

Help us pad it forward: together we can grow our community to more like minded people like you. Do you have a perseverance related story to share with us? Please write to us at

Until next time. 

Lots of Love,