Supporting Environmenstural week - Oct 19th

Supporting Environmenstural week with WEN - Oct 19th

Bringing awareness to environmentally friendly period products is of course, top of our agenda at LUX. It’s why our amazing founder Preeti started the company.

Since our launch in 2018, we’ve championed many a campaign to raise awareness of plastic free periods and during October we’re proud to be partnering with WEN to champion Environmenstrual Awareness Week – running from Oct 19th to 25th.

What is Environmenstrual week?

It’s a week of awareness that will shine a light on the following:

  • To amplify the conversation around choosing plastic free period products
  • To break the taboo around period talk
  • To help end period poverty worldwide


How we’re getting involved at LUX

We’re always championing for the above three aspects and all of our period products are plastic free, biodegradable and sustainable. Our period undies and pads are also 100% organic cotton.


Why we all need to choose plastic free period products

  • The effect on your body

The adverse impact of plastic used in intimate feminine care products to women's health is well researched but not widely publicised. Short term impacts include very painful periods, bloating and severe acne; in the medium women's fertility is impacted and long term estrogenic feminine cancers such as breast and ovarian cancer could be an outcome. All of this is linked to an imbalance of female hormone oestrogen as a result of using plastic made period products.

  • The effect on the planet
    The environmental impact of any disposed products is also devastating. Each period product will remain polluting our land and oceans for over 800 years, before some form of degradation occurs.

This means that of samples taken from tap water in 9 of the world’s most developed countries including the USA and UK show that there are micro-plastic particles in it, which means we are slowly infusing ourselves with plastic.

Worse still, there is now enough plastic in the ocean that the condensation process is also impacted – so now it’s also raining plastic. Plastics are a by-product of petroleum distillation. By its very nature, this process is unsustainable.


Our social agenda

As an eco-brand we stand up for climate change awareness and the time to act is now. We endeavour to help stop climate change and we choose to partner with game changing causes such as Plastic Pollution Coalition (USA) and City to Sea (UK). For every product sold we plant a tree through TREE-NATION. These trees are planted in the geographies where our eco-friendly products are sold.

In support of period equity, we intend to donate a portion of all of our period products sold, to food banks where women who have been rendered homeless and may have access to them.

So, get involved today and use your voice, your power and your support – find out more about WEN and Environmenstrual week at:

Find out more about our plastic free period products at: