Why switching to period undies will save you money?

We get it! Switching your period products when you’ve been using the same kind for years is a BIG decision, but what if we told you that switching from mainstream tampons or pads across to using period undies could:

  • Save you over £250.00 cash per year
  • Save you from adding 100’s of tampons or pads to landfill each year
  • Save you 100% the hassle of constantly checking for leakage throughout the day and night.

Period protection has certainly advanced – in leaps and bounds and at LUX Store we’re at the forefront of period protection – the ECO-FRIENDLY WAY #YouMatterPeriod

Here’s a few reasons why make the period underwear switch just makes common sense.

A cost-effective solution

Just think, how much money on average you spend per period? Maybe £12-£20 pounds per month?

Period undies are 100% re-usable – simply rinse in cold water and wash as you would normal underwear.

100% reliable protection

Ever had that nightmare moment when you can just feel that your period pad has moved and shifted! You’re in the middle of that all-important meeting and you’re trying to perform the period pad positioning dance!! With period undies there’s simply none of that awkwardness. The protection pads are discreetly sewn into the lining of the undies, meaning that it offers 8-10 hours of protection and 100% absorbency without that awkward shifting. And you barely feel that the padding is there, so you can go about your day without stress or worry.

LUX period undies are super absorbent and offer 8-10 hours of leak-free, odour-free protection

Good for the environment

Mainstream market leading period products have copious amounts of plastics in them, a recently commissioned study indicates each pack of period products could contain as much as five plastic bags equivalent of plastic.

The environmental impact of any disposed products is also devastating. Each period product will remain polluting our land and oceans for over 800 years, before some form of degradation occurs.

This means that of samples taken from tap water in 9 of the world’s most developed countries including the USA and UK show that there are micro-plastic particles in it, which means we are slowly infusing ourselves with plastic.

At LUX – we’ve made it our mission to create soft, organic and eco-friendly period products that perform. We’ve created a product range that is made from premium quality organic material which is reusable for up to three years. When women part ways with their underwear, as a result of it being fully biodegradable whether it finds itself in a landfill or in the ocean, the product will break down within 12 months to a 5 years window.

Better for your hormonal health

The adverse impact of plastic used in feminine care products to women's health is well researched but not widely publicised. Short term impacts include very painful periods, bloating and severe acne; in the medium women's fertility is impacted and long term estrogenic feminine cancers such as breast and ovarian cancer could be an outcome.

Even longer term, oestrogen imbalances can impact a female foetus and make her predisposed to deeply infiltrative endometriosis, the most debilitating form of a chronic illness that impacts 1 in 10 women in the US & UK. 

Various studies have discovered that certain substances might be associated with disruption of hormones in all sorts of ways, from the way we have babies to the way we cope with stress! And one we are eager to explore, and expose is plastics that are used in mainstream period products.

One of the most worrying substances when it comes to hormone disruption is bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical that is used to harden plastics. It’s known as a hormone mimic in that it can look and act like a hormone, specifically the sex hormone oestrogen. The structure of BPA enables it to mimic or block the action of hormones. This allows the molecule to interfere with the function of the body’s endocrine system - the complex network of glands, hormones and receptors that link the brain to reproduction and metabolism.

Some tampons are also bleached with chlorine to achieve that pearly white look, and they contain pesticides, fragrances, glue and even glyphosate, the controversial ingredient used in some weed killers!

Remember that your skin is the largest organ in your body, and also the thinnest. Less than one-tenth of an inch separates your body from potential toxins. Worse yet, your skin is highly permeable - especially the skin in and around the vaginal area. Anything coming in constant contact with your skin could land in your bloodstream and be circulated throughout your body.

All in all, making the switch from mainstream period pads or tampons is a BLOODY GOOD IDEA